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Larkspur Radio, suppliers of accessories, components, parts and radios for the British Army Military Radio Larkspur Radio system. The Larkspur range of radio's, consisted of manpacks, ground to air radio, vehicle radio's, fixed high power radio transmitters, airbourne radio and radio relay installations. The system was designed in the 1950's, being introduced in to service late in that decade, it then continued in service in to the 1980's in many countries outside of the UK.

We have our own stock of Larkspur related items and we continue to source new stock's of Larkpur equipment to keep the radio's out there up and running,

If you have any questions relating to Larkspur, then please feel free to contact us, we regularly help people with a wide range of enquiries and requirements, from collectors of single radio's, to military vehicle enthusiasts wanting to acheive perfection of their vehicle.

Larkspur Radio is part of C Beagle, the main objective of this site, is to allow the easier location of Larkspur items, as they are very sought after today by collectors around the world, so they deserve a site in their own right.

If you cannot locate something you require then please feel free to ask, as we may it, but have not put it on the site.

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